Extracting Zip Codes from Data in SQL

When dealing with large datasets, particularly those related to addresses or geographical locations, there’s a good chance you’ll need to extract or work with zip codes. SQL, as a powerful language for managing and querying databases, offers a range of tools and techniques to help you handle zip codes efficiently. 1. Basics of Zip Codes […]

SQL Union vs Union ALL

Union and Union All are two of the most important functions you will come across in SQL. There are must-to learn and easy to master. So I am going to provide you with a a few examples of using these SQL functions. Here’s what we’ll cover: What is the Difference between Union and Union All […]

How to Use Python FOR LOOPS

Python’s for loop is a versatile tool for iterating over data, essential for any business dealing with datasets. Let’s dive right into how businesses can leverage this. Basic Syntax for variable in iterable: This is the fundamental syntax of the “for” loop in Python . What’s an iterable? An iterable is any Python object you […]

3 Ways to RANK Data in SQL

What are the Ranking Functions in SQL There are 3 simple functions that you can use to rank data in SQL. If you are in a rush and want to dive right into learning how to use these ranking functions in SQL. Check out the YouTube short: Here are the ranking functions that will show […]

How to Use Block Comments in Python

You can easily create multi-line comments in Python with ease by using quotations. The # docustring will only allow you to comment per each line. However triple quotation “””” or ”’ should easily allow you to create multiple-line comments. Using Triple Quotes for Multi-line Python Comments Even though triple quotes are primarily used for docstrings […]

Analysis vs Analytics

Have you ever wondered if these two terms are different or the same? Let’s explore the details and use cases. In a nutshell, while both analysis and analytics are vital in the modern world, they serve different purposes. Analysis is about understanding and interpreting data to explain past or current phenomena. In contrast, analytics is […]

SQL Where String Contains Substring

In this tutorial, you will find out many ways to find substrings in SQL regardless of the DBMS. We will cover conventional operators like ‘LIKE’, ‘CONTAINS’, ‘CHARINDEX’, and many others. So buckle up and get started or just scroll to find the exact way to use find exactly where strings contain substring Watch The Video […]

Excel Power Query: Exploring Data Transformation Magic

Imagine you have a magical data transformation tool that can be your personal time-saver for all things related to data. You know those moments when you find yourself dealing with repetitive tasks like copying, pasting, and column mixing? Well, Power Query jumps in and says, ‘Hey, let me handle that for you!’ So, let’s explore […]

How to Use Concatenate in Power Query

Power Query in Excel is a great tool to use in data preparation and when you need to concatenate or combine, values from different columns or rows even files. In this article, we’ll dive into how you can use Power Query to concatenate values. What is Concatenation? Concatenation refers to the process of joining two […]