What is an Outlier – Understanding and Detection

What is an Outlier? An outlier is a data point that differs significantly from other observations. Whether due to genuine variance or errors in data collection, outliers stand out from the rest. Why are Outliers Important? Outliers can skew results, misleading interpretations or significantly affecting statistical measures. Hence, it’s essential to detect and address them […]

What Do Data Analysts Actually Do

Contrary to popular belief, data analysts don’t spend most of their time analyzing data. This is just a portion of what you are tasked to do. Remember you are a part of a team. So there are going to be meetings, requirements conversations, presentations,s and reporting that will take a large portion of your time. […]

How to Make Gantt Charts in Excel

Every Excel user is familiar with charts and how to generate them easily using templates. However, the Gantt chart is one graph type that many people still find confusing because there is no built-in template for Gantt Chart. So, in this blog, we’ll comprehensively cover all aspects of the Gantt Chart. What is Gantt Chart? […]

How to Wrap Text in Excel

Why do you need to wrap text? Text wrapping ensures that lengthy text that overflows its cell is rearranged. Text wrapping makes your text appear on multiple lines within the cell. This does not involve any changes to the data or the insertion of line break characters. This means the text merely appears to be […]

Top Ten Financial Functions in Python

If you didn’t know Python has a host of function that cover most domains. Pandas is the premier data analysist and data manipulation library in Python. It is an incredibly versatile tool for financial analysis. With its rich set of functions tailored for data wrangling and analysis, it has become the go-to library for financial […]

What is Pandas in Python -2023?

Pandas is one of the most popular and essential libraries in the Python ecosystem, especially when it comes to data analysis and manipulation. With its expressive syntax, versatile functionality, and ability to handle vast amounts of data, Pandas has become the go-to tool for data scientists, analysts, and developers alike. It is an absolute MUST […]

Building an AI Chatbot with Essential Python Libraries

In the competitive field of data science and analysis, showcasing relevant projects is a key factor in landing the perfect job. Building a project that blends several facets of the field – AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Web Scraping, and Data Visualization – demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the skills that potential employers look for. […]

Stop Using Excel as a Database: Here’s Why

Excel is an amazing spreadsheet and analysis tool. Without a doubt, Excel can handle some data, but when it comes to big, complex datasets, it’s like trying to fit Shaquille O’Neal into a clown car – you’re just asking for trouble! And let’s not forget about data integrity – one slip of the finger and […]

Python Optimization Tutorial | Marketing Budget Allocation

The overall goal is we were trying to maximize sales through understanding of our the total channel contribution mix based on our budget constraints. Let take a look at the process. Why is This an Important Technique? Its completely data driven as opposed to simple guessing techniques. This approach can lead to improved targeting, increased […]

Using COALESCE in SQL: A Beginner’s Guide

What is the COALESCE Function in SQL? Coalesce is essentially a NULL killer. If you have a dataset in SQL that has a lot of NULL values, we can use COALESCE function to replace the NULL values. However, COALESCE is a versatile SQL function that can be used in a wide range of scenarios where […]