How to Find Outliers in Python

Find outlier is essential for a host of reasons from not skewing your averages to ensuring that machine learning algorithms function properly. In this tutorial, I am going show you several ways in which you can remove outliers from your data. We explore a few traditional methods such as Z-score and IQR. In addition, we […]

Remove Table Formatting in Excel

Table formatting is an awesome feature in Excel that allows you to sort and treat a range of data as a whole table. However, it does add some complications when you are trying to preform certain actions in Excel. So in this tutorial I am going to show you how to remove table formatting in […]

How to View the First N Rows in a Pandas Data Frame

When working with huge datasets, it is often helpful to review the first few rows of the data rapidly in order to get a concept of what the data looks like. There are three straightforward ways available in Pandas for accomplishing this goal: the head approach, slicing, and indexing. In this article, we will discuss […]

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value with Python

CLV is a crucial measure for firms to comprehend in order to maximize their marketing and sales activities. CLV is a forecast of the net profit attributable to a customer’s entire future relationship. This article will explain how to compute CLV in Python. Let’s take a look at the formula to get your mind in […]

How to Use Facebook Prophet Model

Facebook made FB Prophet, a library for Python and R that lets you make predictions based on time series. There are a lot benefits of using this model and some negative aspects to using this model. So lets explore the pros and cons. Also we will also go through the basic coding of the model. […]

How to Rotate X-Axis Labels & More in Excel Graphs

Yes, rotating the text in our label and axis adds a bit of style. However, when creating a graph or chart in Excel, the orientation of the labels on the x-axis can be crucial to the readability and overall effectiveness of the data visualization. In some cases, the default orientation of the labels may be […]

How to Create Dataset with Python Faker

One of the greatest ways to learn and practice your analysis is using a real-world dataset. However, there is a time when its better to create your own dataset. In this case, you can specify some of parameters that fit your desires. We can use the Faker library to create a dataset in any language. […]

Add Zeros to Blank Rows in Excel

You can easily add zeros to blank rows in Excel using the Go-To-Special Window by pressing F5. You can highlight all the blank rows. You can follow the instruction below to understand the steps to add Zeros into your data How to Add Zeros to Blank Rows. You can how easily it is to fill […]

How to Use SQL Window Functions

These are a set of functions which help in applying aggregation/ranking functions over a subset of records from the entire records of a table. Pease note, this function only creates an additional column in the “select” result set. The original data in the table remains intact. Elements of a Window Function When preforming Widows functions, […]

How to Make a Ridge Plot in Python

If you are like me, you have never heard of a ridge plot. However, I find that it’s one of the more interesting plots used to describe numerical data. It allows you display the distribution of data across a dimension. In other words, you will be able to see the distribution of temperatures across a […]

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